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Recent prototypes of Automated Vehicles allowed an effective communication toward a large audience. In a near futur, many of us are now expecting to use self-driving cars.

This is in this context that Valeo, PSA Peugeot Citröen and Safran want to mutualize theirs strengths to progress faster. The International Research Chair Drive for All is a outstanding opportunity to emulate collaboration between first-class academic and industrial research centers.

Today’s Automated Vehicles allows to build autonomous vehicles in specific conditions (clear weather, no fog, no excessive light, etc.) or scenario (platooning vehicles or the use of a specific corridor). For a fully Automated Driving in a broader context, much effort needs to be undertaken to achieve safety performance superior to an human driver. Outreach the human cognitive capabilities with a sensor based system is a tremendous challenge that Drive for You is willing to take.

This collaboration aims to design and develop demonstration cars answering that challenge within 5 years. Those cars will be tested and validated in three continents (Europe, America and Asia) assessing the technology readiness of our prototypes.